Friday, 18 July 2014

Snugly Hooded Cowl

Just as the first snow fell on the mountains surrounding Cape Town did I finish knitting myself a hooded cowl. A stylish drawstring design in soft chunky wool - snugly, cosy and comfy.

I am also planning to knit a lighter cotton version for spring and the general windy but not cold days.

Great pattern design by NeekaKnits.


  1. (have been trying to comment with no luck so if you see lots of the same comment, sorry!!)

    Madeleine, it's fabulous. I'm no knitter, but you always manage to inspire me. Stunning!!!

    1. Thank you Maryanne! Do have a look at Neekaknits' stuff on Etsy - she designs awesome stuff and her patterns are very well written :)