Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Essential Project Basket

At some point I realised that I urgently needed a "project basket"- handmade by myself off course. My first attempt was using plarn (plastic yarn) as I have made a pretty tote bag before as a recycling effort  - but half way through I abandoned the mission after breaking a crochet hook and the basket not looking as sturdy as I intended.

I couldn't leave it at that though.. I saw a little basket a lady had made of T-Yarn at a local wool shop and that was the answer! I ordered some (they have an awesome array of colours) and finally my basket took shape. Using a pattern from the Crochet in Colour Blog as guide, I modified to suit my requirements and VOILA!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Chunky Cushions

Inspired by some stunning home comfort creations on Pinterest, I knitted these cushion covers with a "seriously chunky" acrylic yarn. They make my couch look fabulously trendy and ever so inviting..

Rib pattern

Moss stitch
Come sit down and be comfy!

New school knitting and crochet for the home - this is my inspiration!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

In love with leg warmers

"Colour is the place where our brain
 and the Universe meet"  
Paul Klee

Just in time, as cold and rainy weather creeps in on us in Cape Town did I finish knitting my leg warmers!

I had this sensational yarn in my cupboard for quite a while before deciding what to make with it. It is Elle Escapades "Burnt Horizon" - a very a suitable name as you will find most of these wonderful shades in any typical autumn Cape sunset. It inspired me so much while knitting with it that I dyed my hair a very similar ombré!

This was also my first ever project using double point needles and knitting something in the round. Initially the cast on and first round had me starting over a few times but the patience paid off and I got the hang of it. I made up a pattern on the go, a mix between a few rather cryptic instructions on the net.

The first leg warmer I finished off was quite short but looked great even though the yarn had not progressed into the pinks I decided to rip it and make a much longer version. The effort was well worth it! The result is a pair of wonderfully toasty, super pretty leg warmers that are just as comfortable in the 21st century than it was back in the 80's :)

"Leg warmers are coverings for the lower legs, similar to socks but thicker and generally footless. They were originally used as dancewear by ballet and other classic dancers in order to keep the leg muscles warm and to prevent cramping or other muscle injuries. No scientific data has been yet collected to substantiate the claim that leg warmers prevent injury." Wikipedia